The Study Abroad Returnee Conference

Saturday, November 2, 2019 |Union College

Did you return from your study abroad experience with unending exuberance and a desire to translate and utilize your newly-developed skills? Are you curious how your international experience can mark a new chapter in your personal, academic, and/or professional development? Are you ready to make the connection between your global worldview and your life back home in the US?

Join globally-minded professionals, talented experts, and study abroad returnees from around New York’s Capital Region and beyond for a day of panel discussions, networking and workshops dedicated to helping you refocus the lens through which you view your international experience.

Meet EVOLVE’S 2019 Plenary Speaker

WILLIS G. WANG is Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs, and Deputy General Counsel, at Boston University. He is BU’s senior international officer responsible for major global initiatives, which have included a graduate dental research school in Dubai, a non-profit in India, and global health research operations in Zambia. Willis provides strategic leadership for BU Global Programs and oversight of its academic and student affairs, budgetary and planning responsibilities, enrollment and revenue growth, and efforts to strengthen international institution capacity building.
As a comprehensive international office, Global Programs consists of over 450 people working for BU year-round to facilitate global mobility and intercultural experiences. Willis oversees a team that annually enrolls more than 2,400 students in BU developed and managed study abroad programs and provides immigration support to more than 11,000 international students and scholars at the University. Among other activities, this team manages academic centers and offices in 19 cities in 14 countries; operates a long-standing accredited ESL school; and provides operational and risk management expertise for BU global teaching, research, and service-learning activities.
As Deputy General Counsel, and after joining BU in 1998, Willis’s legal practice focused on international ventures, corporate transactions, technology transfer, endowment investments, research, and environmental matters. He is a trustee of World Education Services in New York City and of Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, MA. Prior to BU, Willis was in-house counsel at an MIT spin-off technology company that reached a market cap of $1 Billion in the mid-90s and a U.S. EPA enforcement lawyer. He is a graduate of Emory University and Boston College Law School.


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